What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Remember: What goes up, must come down. City leaders across North Texas want to remind revelers not to ring in the new year with gunfire.

In spite of warnings year after year, random gunfire continues to be synonymous with New Year's Eve celebrations across the Metroplex.

Consider an incident in Oak Cliff a few years ago when a woman was struck in the hand by random gunfire.  The same night a bullet pierced the ceiling of a Pleasant Grove church, landing just inches from a sleeping baby.

Now, officials are issuing a stronger warning.

"This New Years Eve and henceforth in Dallas, Texas, no gunfire on New Years Eve. None. Absolutely zero tolerance of gunfire," said

Police said they will be actively looking for shooters and, if found, those revelers could face a fine, jail time and have their weapon confiscated.

NBCDFW's Lindsay Wilcox contributed to this report.

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