Texas Connects Us: Helping Hands After Deadly Tornadoes

As Jake White watched the images of the destruction from the  tornadoes that hit North Texas the day after Christmas, he wondered how he could help.

"My biggest fear in life is losing my home and then watching other people lose their homes," White said of the tornado victims. "I felt like I lost my own."

His friends call White the 'Tree Surgeon' because of his skills with a chainsaw.

This week, White and his friends put their talents to work by helping complete strangers.

They're working around the clock, cutting and removing downed trees in Garland.

"I haven't seen my family in three days and I live fifteen minutes from here, " he said.

White's kindness is catching on. Other North Texans are donating chainsaws and food to keep White and his friends going.

"Nobody needs to forget that," said White. "There are amazing people out there who are willing to give everything that they have. Texas does connect us with each other. If you don't believe it, come on out here and we'll show you."

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