North Texas

Some North Texans Feel Effects of Government Shutdown

The effects of the federal government shutdown have been felt here in North Texas. One local business was not quite as busy Monday, and others could not get all of what they wanted at government offices.

At Bailey's Barbeque in Fort Worth, owner Brenda Phifer says about 50 to 60 percent of the customer base is federal employees. The restaurant is right across the street from a federal building.

"It is little slower today with the federal government gone. We miss them," Phifer said.

The staff worked like it was business as usual, but it wasn't. They knew business depended on what happens miles away in Washington, D.C.

"I watch the news every day to see what is going on, so we know what to do and prepare for it," Phifer said.

While Congress met Monday afternoon to end the stalemate, some North Texans who wanted government services had a rough day amid the shutdown.

Alma Carrasco and others left empty-handed when they went to the Social Security Administration building in Tarrant County to get new Social Security cards.

"Walked in, I got my number, sat down and waited a little bit, and then they came out and announced that because of the government shutdown, they won't be able to issue new or replacement cards today," Carrasco said.

Vidyadhor Reddy went with his daughter-in-law to get her a new card.

"It is frustrating. We drove all the way here, we tried to call them, but nobody was answering," Reddy said.

With signs of the shutdown ending, Bailey's Barbeque knows to plan for a lunch crowd on Tuesday.

"I will be glad for them to come back tomorrow," Phifer said.

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