Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Alarms Recalled

More than a million smoke and combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms are being recalled.

Kidde is recalling the alarms because they could fail to alert consumers of a fire or a carbon monoxide incident following a power outage.

They are residential alarms that are hard-wired into a home's electrical power.

Below is a list of the recalled alarms:

Kidde residential smoke alarm model i12010S with manufacture dates between December 18, 2013 and May 13, 2014, combination smoke/CO alarm il2010SCO with manufacture dates between December 30, 2013 and May 13, 2014, and combination smoke/CO alarm model KN-COSM-IBA with manufacture date between October 22, 2013 and May 13, 2014. 

The il2010S and il2010SCO come with sealed 10 year batteries inside. The KN-COSM-IBA model has a compartment on the front for installation of replaceable AA backup batteries. 

Kidde, the model number and manufacture dates are printed on a label on the back of the alarm. "Always On" is also engraved on the front of alarms with sealed 10-year batteries.

Consumers can contact Kidde for a free replacement alarm by calling toll-free at 844-553-9011 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Kidde urges consumers keep alarms in service until they obtain a replacement from the company.

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