Police Warn of Organized Car Burglars

Group known as Felony Lane Gang are busy, police say

Police in Coppell are warning residents about an organized group of car burglars known as the Felony Lane Gang.

Investigators said the thieves are suspected of breaking into cars at the Coppell Aquatic Center on Sunday night.

A large electronic sign usually seen on highways is set up in the center’s parking lot. It blares the message: “Don’t leave purse in your vehicle.”

“We want everyone to be as aware as possible,” said Coppell police Sgt. David Moore.

The group got its name because members sometimes try to cash stolen checks in the far lane of bank drive-thrus -- the so-called “felony lane.”

Moore said the group is targeting fitness center and day care parking lots across North Texas.

The gang sometimes uses rented cars and breaks into victims’ cars before anyone even realizes they were there, he said.

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