PETA Seeks to Rename Fish

Would you eat a "sea kitten?"

Would you be less likely to eat fish if they were called "sea kittens?"

That's what People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals hoped for as it took its latest mission to the Dallas World Aquarium on Friday. 

"If everyone started calling fish 'sea kittens,' they'd be a lot less likely to cruelly confine them to aquariums, violently kill them for food, or painfully hook them for 'sport,'" said Ashley Byrne, PETA's Sea Kittens Campaign coordinator.

Byrne and a PETA member dressed as a sea kitten took their re-branding message to North Texas' younger generation using plush toys as bait. 

"We think that kids will be the first to embrace the new name," Byrne said.

The kids also received stickers as PETA members told them that "sea kittens," like land kittens and puppies, are intelligent and deserve respect.

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