North Texas 4th Grader Protects Police K9s

Camryn Samuel, 10, from Mansfield has set out to help protect police K9s in North Texas.

In September, Samuel asked for donations instead of birthday gifts. She invited five friends to a birthday party and each brought $20.

“It makes me feel proud of myself because I’m doing something special for my birthday instead of getting presents,” said Camryn Samuel.

Samuel says she got the idea after reading about another girl who did something similar.

Since, Samuel has raised more than 2,000 dollars, which is enough to make her first donation. 

She is the reason why Cedar Hill Police Department is able to purchase bullet proof vests for its two K9 officers, Ranger and Titus.

She is helping the Cedar Hill Police Department purchase ballistics vests for its two K9 officers, Ranger and Titus.

“This is pretty cool,” said Corporal J.R. Podany with the Cedar Hill Police Department. "It’s very honoring as a K9 handler and as a parent because I have a young girl and a boy around her age, and to see the dedication from a young person like that into public safety is very rewarding for me.”

Samuel was recognized this week during the Cedar Hill city council meeting, and Podany has challenged Samuel to raise even more money to help a local K9 training group serving several law enforcement agencies.

“I think what I like most is that I get to work with these dogs,” Samuel said.

You can donate to Samuel’s fund by emailing:

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