Man Stabbed by Neighbor During Cowboys Game

Man slashed when he opened his door

A Grand Prairie man is recovering Thursday morning after police say he was stabbed by his neighbor while watching the Cowboys season opener.

The stabbing led to a standoff with police at the Camelot Apartments on Skyline Road in Grand Prairie.

Neighbors told police they’d been watching the game Wednesday night.  Around half-time they heard someone banging on the apartment door.  The brother of the apartment resident opened the door, and that’s when officers said the victim was slashed in the arm and stabbed in the stomach.

The suspect ran back to his own apartment across the street in the complex.  As officers arrived, they said the man taunted them.

“He just kept running in and out.  He has some sort of pole, like he had a gun.  You could tell it wasn’t a gun.  I think he had a blow dryer, too.  He was yelling, ‘shoot me,’ acting like he was going to get shot.  They didn’t shoot him,” said neighbor Michael Lopez.

The suspect’s nephews claim he set himself on fire.

SWAT stormed in the front door and police said the man jumped from the second-floor balcony of the two-story apartment.

He survived and was hospitalized.  When he's released he’ll be taken to jail.

Isaiah Silva said his uncle and the victim have exchanged heated words in the past.  Silva believes his uncle’s mental health issues, medication and alcohol were a violent combination.

“He’s on 7 types of medication at one time.  He just kept taking them.  We knew he was bound to do something, but I didn’t think it’d get this far,” said Silva.

Witnesses said the man slashed a car tire after the stabbing.  They have not released the name of the stabbing suspect or the victim.

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