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“Little Locker” Unveiled At Fort Worth School, Aims to Boost Community Literacy

The books at Seminary Hills Park Elementary are free for anyone in the community to borrow

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A Fort Worth ISD school has been selected to participate in a project that aims to boost literacy in the community.

The first-ever “little locker” was unveiled Thursday at Seminary Hills Park Elementary in Fort Worth. Located outside the school, the “little locker” contains books for students and community members to borrow.

Haley Tomerlin, assistant principal at Seminary Hills Park, said the locker will always be open for anyone to grab a book.

“I know that our school and our community are just so thankful for everyone who sponsored this and made this possible,” Tomerlin said.

The Little Locker Project is a partnership between the Commercial Metals Company and Texas Yes, the state’s largest distributor of free school supplies. It was created to provide greater access to literacy for students and community members.

Dorene Benavidez, Executive Director of School Leadership for Fort Worth ISD, said this resource will help promote reading and continued learning at home even when students are not in school.

“Maybe those who are wanting to continue to educate their kids at home but maybe to even to give preexposure to students who are getting ready to come to school as well,” Benavidez said. “Specifically in this community, we have a lot of different ethnicities right now who are moving into the community. So, English is not necessarily their first language. They’re learning. This is an opportunity to give those resources to our community.”

Those who want to support the Little Locker Project are able to purchase books online as contribution.

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