Family Of Woman Thrown Into Freeway Seeks Justice

Woman Still Recovering From Road Rash, 3rd-Degree Burns

The family of the teen thrown from a moving car on the North Dallas Tollway is angry that the driver who tossed the woman into the busy roadway is still on the loose.

The family said they've been on a roller coaster of emotions, from thankful that the woman is alive to angry that the driver is still free.

"Its put a stop to our family emotionally and we need to focus on her well-being and also on trying to find this guy so that he doesn't do it to someone else," said Elaine Eddy, the victim's mother.

But, two weeks have passed since the incident and police are short on leads.

The woman said she accepted a ride from a guy she didn't know very well after Addison's Oktoberfest.  She said she was pushed from his four-door champagne-colored compact car on the tollway near Plano Parkway.

The woman is still covered in bandages after suffering extensive injuries including third-degree burns over her body and severe road rash.

The family is hoping someone who knows the driver will come forward and identify him.

Until then, the family said it will not stop and will keep fighting until the driver is found.

Police do have a description of the driver, who they describe as about 20 years old with an average build and olive-colored skin.  The man had short dark hair and was clean shaven at the time.

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