DFW Highways Might Get State Funds to Ease Congestion

There’s no question North Texas has traffic trouble spots but the question is which one is worst and which one will get state funds first to clear up the problem.

Wednesday the state’s top Transportation Officials met to discuss if a portion of the $1 billion dollars aimed to ease congestion will go to roads in North Texas.

Back in October, The Texas Transportation Institute ranked the section of the highway, where I-35E and I-30 come together, as the region’s most traffic-clogged highway.

The mix-master presents one of the biggest challenges for North Texas Transportation officials and for drivers.

"I’m in traffic for 30 to 40 minutes to just get on the other side of downtown which isn’t maybe two or three miles from here," said Mike Tijerina.

Drivers also said  that any little accident on the highway messes up their schedule for the rest of the day. Construction also adds to the frustration for motorists.

"Too much construction in some places and then you don’t have enough lanes to cover everything (traffic)," said,” Dale Wilkins.

This stretch of I-35E is being considered for a make-over, that’s in addition to the construction underway now on I-30.

Drivers are also fed up with the stop and go traffic on Woodwall Rodgers.

"First of all, the construction that they have going on, the lanes are all crooked, no signs anywhere, not enough notice to let you know where you’re going or where you’re supposed to be so, so last minute people swerve," said Elizabeth Jimenez.

Anytime you get these many highways coming together in one place it doesn’t take a lot for one accident to affect traffic flow.

The multiple on-and-off ramps on the interchange also present a problem.

"People don’t know where to yield, some people don’t know where to go, there’s always something happening," said Melanie McDowell.

Last November, Woodall Rodgers was named by The American Highway Users Alliance as the region’s worst choke-point.

Also included in those studies were various points on LBJ Freeway as well as the area connecting St. Paul to I-45.

There’s no guarantee Dallas gets the big money for the big fix. There are 100 other high traffic roadways being considered.

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