Dallas Animal Services Reports Improvements

More impoundments & citations, also more live releases

Dallas Animal Services reports more improvement in a briefing to be presented to Dallas City Council Members Monday.

It comes after the death of a woman who was attacked by loose dogs last year and a critical report from consultants who reviewed the agency's operations.

The new briefing is an update for the Dallas City Council Quality of Life Committee on progress implementing the consultant recommendations.

From January through March of 2017, field impounded dogs increased 72%, citations increased 122% and the live release rate of dogs from the city shelter increased to 78%. Live release includes animals adopted, reclaimed by owners or sent to other shelters or rescue organizations.

The improved numbers come on top of similar increases in all those figures in the last three months of 2016.

A Dallas Police Major is still running Dallas Animal Services after police officials were appointed last year by the city manager to reform the agency.

City officials expect additional improvement on goals for Dallas Animal Services.

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