TMSG: Climbers Hit the Stairs at AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are on the road this weekend, but it will still be busy at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

The home of the Dallas Cowboys will be the site of the DFW Climb Saturday morning. It's the first time ever for the stadium to host this kind of event.

"We changed because we thought AT&T Stadium is the biggest venue in DFW, and we wanted to continue to grow this event," said 2018 chair Luke Wittenbraker. "Last year we had about 400 Climbers, and as the personal chair of this event, I wanted to try and double the size of the event, so that we could raise more money for Cystic Fibrosis."

The DFW Climb is a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

Those who take part in the challenge will climb 1,555 steps and cover almost two miles. The course will stretch over four stadium levels with a combination of both stairs and ramps. 

Wittenbraker says he will climb for his college friend Jeff Proctor.

"When I went to college I immediately became best friends with my now friend of more than 14 years, Jeff Proctor. We had everything in common except one thing. Jeff had been diagnosed with CF as a young child. I have lived with Jeff for almost 4 years of my life and seen what a battle and a struggle this disease can be for him," Wittenbraker wrote. "At the same time, I have seen how he has been able to truly LIVE with CF and lead a normal life due to medical advancements in the field of CF."

Those who want to join Wittenbraker must pledge a minimum of $100 on or before the day of the event.

Check-in on Saturday, Sept. 22 starts at 8 a.m, and the climb starts at 9 a.m. Climbers will get to take a tour of the stadium and get on the field to take pictures of themselves on the famous Dallas Cowboys star.

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