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North Texas student scores perfect score on PSAT, SAT, and ACT

College board says out of 2 million students who take the SAT only around 300 get a perfect score

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Neil Jeju says he's just your typical high school kid.

"We watch basketball, play basketball," he said, as well as mentioning hanging with friends and eating his favorite, pizza.

Like two million other high school students across the country, he took the SAT, and waited nervously for his grade.

"I scroll down. and it's 1600," he said.

1600. That's a perfect score. The college board tells us out of the two million kids who take this test only 300 or so get them all right, it's like the top 0.03%

"I really wasn't like shooting for a necessarily perfect score, obviously would have been cool if I had it, but I wasn't thinking like, OK, I'm gonna go get a 1600 or anything like that," said Jeju.

No reason to stop there right?  Many kids take the ACT, Neil did too and guess what?  Perfect score.

"I got it for all four sections, then I was quite elated that day. And then we all you know, we were all happy, I think went to Pizza Hut that day. Celebrate!"

The kid who loves pizza got perfect scores on his SAT, ACT, and PSAT too if you're keeping track... although he thinks he got one wrong on the STAAR test.   

Neil credits his chemistry teacher at Hebron High School for making math and science fun.

He gives kudos to his parents, for laying the foundation and to his big brother, Noel, who also smoked through his SAT.

"I got like a mid-1500" said Noel

But he's still the BIG Brother, dishing out, little jabs to Neil.

"What does he need to work on? You know, Why not get taller?" teased Noel.

The two super smart kids, started a YouTube channel, helping other kids prepare for their SATs. They even wrote a book they're selling on Amazon. But their biggest advice, is balance. 

"Having that balance is very important. Like, if you're just studying all day, that's not sustainable. And definitely when you're going on into college, especially, it's gonna be very hard for you to continue doing that," said Neil.

Noel got a full ride to college. Neil wants to enter medicine and still not sure which school is in his future. 

I'm sure he'll have plenty of offers and celebrate with his favorite pizza. 

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