Arlington ISD Debuts Learning Program for Parents

Program designed to help parents keep up with their children in the classroom

Educators say parental involvement is critical to the success of children in school, but in today’s world many parents struggle to keep up with what their kids are learning. Officials with the Arlington Independent School District hope a new program can help change that.

Arlia Polley was back in math class this week, a subject she admits wasn’t her best when she was in high school. This time around, she’s taking notes to help her son excel.

“I’m very interested in the needs of my child,” said Polley, whose son is in high school.  “And to make sure I have a better understanding of his education and to assure that I can communicate with him better.”

She’s part of the first-ever class at Arlington ISD’s new Parent University, a program designed to help parents help their kids succeed in school.

“We know we can’t do this work alone in our school system,” said Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, AISD Superintendent.  “We need our parents to be engaged in that process.”

But that can be easier said than done, even for the most involved of parents.

“Our education and our learning was quite different when we were in school, versus what they’re learning today,” said Polley.

That’s why Parent-U offers courses in everything from getting young kids to read, to strategies for helping students understand math concepts and preparing for college.

“We also need to provide [parents] with the information and the resources so that they have the tools to help their children be successful,” said Cavazos.

Mission accomplished, said Polley. “It’s been awesome. I’m very glad to be here.”

AISD has already planned another Parent University that will take place later this spring.  School officials said they’re also working on a series of online videos that will cover many of the topics discussed during that program.

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