Fort Worth

American Airlines Passengers Can Now Track Luggage

American Airlines is allowing its passengers to keep tabs on their checked luggage through the Internet.

The Fort Worth-based airline revealed a soft launch of the service on Aug. 21, and the service is now available to all of its customers.

"There are rare occasions when something doesn't go according to plan," said John Romantic, American Airlines managing director of service recovery. "It's a real time tool as we're scanning bags onto airplanes and off of airplanes. Customers have that data now at their fingertips."

The service is free of charge, but is only available on or the American Airlines mobile site.

"We have scanning devices on all ramp locations," said Romantic. "We scan bags as we put them onto airplanes and we scan bags as we take them off."

The airline said the service will eventually be available within their smartphone app.

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