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2 Arrested, Tried to Stuff Safe into Car: Authorities

Authorities in San Marcos arrested two people who they said tried to steal a safe and stuff it into a car Thursday.

Hays County Sheriff's Office responded to a burglary call at The Regency Mobile Home Park after the homeowner said he received a motion activated alarm on his cell phone. The homeowner described the men people he saw on his phone to the 911 operator.

When authorities arrived at the home, they said said they saw two men trying to load a large safe into a passenger car. The thieves people ran, but were caught after a short pursuit.

Authorities said 21-year-old Oscar Perez Jr. and 20-year-old Joel Rene Perez face burglary charges. A third man was apprehended, but later determined to not be involved in the incident.

San Marcos police assisted with the call.

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