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North Texas Blown Away by Wind



    North Texas Blown Away by Wind
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    Four governors and a former president are attending the world's largest wind power event, being held this week in North Texas. But the conference is open to anyone wanting to learn how to use wind energy to save money.

    More than 20,000 industry, government, and business leaders at the Windpower 2010 Conference at the Dallas Convention Center want to make wind top of mind as an energy source in Texas.

    "Energy independence from fossil fuels that people who don't like us are sending to us," Denise Bode, CEO of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), said. "And I think it's really important because of jobs."

    Texas employs some 10,000 people in the wind power industry.

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    "Texas has been the leader in adopting wind energy in the united states. It has more wind energy installed than the next three states combined," Matt Guyette, GE's Renewables Global Strategy Leader, said.

    Exhibitors from other countries, like Taiwan, are showing how a wind turbine can power street lights. The wind gives enough power to make a wind turbine spin faster and faster, which then powers the lights.

    "If you don't have to pull wiring to the turbine and to the street light, then it pays for itself in the very first year," Sam Giliberto, a Hi VAWT Technology Corporation distributor, said.

    But having your own wind turbine is not as feasible or affordable. Currently it only makes sense for farms and businesses.

    "Buy wind power through your local utility and save money that way and be green and be clean," Elizabeth Salerno, director of Industry Data & Analysis for AWEA, said.

    Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert is one of thousands to sign a wind turbine blade, which has been on tour for 28 days starting in South Dakota, to show his support.

    "Over 40 percent of the energy that we purchase in the city of Dallas is from renewable sources, and most all of that is from wind energy," Leppert said.

    On Wednesday, public admission to the conference is just $5. That includes a job fair and all the exhibits.

    GE -- the parent company of NBC 5 -- is a sponsor of the event.