Yes! Taco Truck Serves Tacos with a Twist

Inspiration comes from across the country and even Laos


It’ll catch your eye, your enthusiasm and perhaps your hunger.

“The neighborhood around south Fort Worth has been incredibly receptive,” says co-creator Michael McDermott who opened a retro-orange food truck specializing in authentic street tacos in June 2011.

“It’s been good so far. It’s exciting. It’s exciting coming to your own food truck,” said McDermott.

The truck can be found outside the SiNiCa Glass Blowing Studios in Fort Worth. McDermott and his business partner hatched the idea while at school.

“My partner Eleanor Burkett and I got started when we were in business school, started talking about doing a taco truck up in North Texas, Fort Worth specifically,” said McDermott.

Everything made inside the truck is fresh -- and something you’ve probably never had before as a street taco.

“We definitely do our own take on tacos. So, we have street tacos that are more authentic Mexican styled street tacos and then we have specialty tacos that are really different and unusual. We have a North Carolina Pulled Pork Taco inspired by Michael’s time in North Carolina and it’s got slaw and a vinegar hot sauce on top so that’s not something you’d typically get at a taco truck. And then we have a Laotian taco which is a laab and it’s ground turkey and serranos and cilantro and green onions and it’s in a cabbage leaf with fish sauce and lime juice and it’s really a really good summer taco,” said Burkett

The Fat Cowboy is also popular. It’s made with bistec, eggs, potato, queso and bandera.

“There’s always something different happening,” said Burkett

The duo really thinks of themselves as a trio -- after all, the truck has a personality all its own.

It's an old FedEx truck with 13 ft clearance that allows 5-6 to work comfortably inside. Burkett and McDermott were cleaning the kitchen inside right after she was painted when they named her.

“Nobody else likes to shine quite like Dolly. So, her namesake would be Dolly Parton and she has a definite personality. She gets mad at us too. She has little quirks. Tiny, you know tiny little things go wrong and she just stops. The heat has tested her as much as it has me and I like to joke that when she gets mad at me she burns me. Which is totally my fault, but I have gotten quite a few battle scares from the griddle,” said Burkett.

Hot temperatures led to another discovery.

“One thing that we have found interesting is that it is hotter inside the truck than outside in the air,” said McDermott.

“It’s been an adventure with the heat,” said Burkett.

It’s an obstacle that’s not going to stop them from moving forward.

“The interesting thing about it is you can start with one truck and do one job, which is taking orders and working in the truck, and then, as you grow, your job can change and that promises to keep things interesting for quite a while,” said Burkett.

Yes! Taco (Outside SiNiCa)
1013 West Magnolia Avenue
Fort Worth, TX

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