Fish Camp is a Catch in Royse City

Jumbo Shrimp Platter is 1.5 pound plate

Take a trip out to the country and you'll find a sea food restaurant in Royse City that’s as good with fish as it is dessert.

“We opened the restaurant on the first day after Thanksgiving in ’09,” said Bobby Crowell who owns Fish Camp with his wife Marty.

“She’s still popping the whip, making me work every day. But we’re not the type that just sits around the house. We have to get out and be doing something. We knew nothing about the restaurant business, but we are learning and we are having a wonderful time,” said Crowell.

The couple spent 20 years running a fish market while investing 40 years in real estate.

“One day we woke up and Marty said, 'you know, if we’re going to do that restaurant before we turn 70, we need to do it right now.' We put this thing together with the help of our three sons,” said Crowell.

You can get all the country fare you’d expect -- and even more. One of the favorites is the Cobb Salad. It’s not your regular salad. It comes with Fried chicken, Chicken Fried Steak, lettuce, carrots, ham, Pepper Jack cheese and an egg. You can also get it with three jumbo shrimp.

If you have a huge appetite you might consider ordering the Jumbo Shrimp Platter. It has 24 large shrimp that weigh in at one and half pounds on your plate. The medium portion comes with 16 and the small comes with eight.

Then there's dessert. You have your choice of homemade pie where even the meringue is made from scratch, including coconut, buttermilk, chocolate and pecan.

Depending on what you order, the end of your meal could come with table-side theater . The restaurant is famous for serving Flaming Bananas Foster.

In the spring you can enjoy your meal outside.

“We’ve got it rigged up outside with a little patio and everything, the kids come out here in the summertime and spring and catch all kinds of little perch and catfish. The parents love to bring them out here because they can just kind of turn them loose, let them run around and have a good time,”  said Crowell.

Crowell says people come from all over.

“We’ve got people coming from quite long distances to eat with us. In fact, we’ve probably had them from about 30 different states that come and visit friends and bring them out here to eat with us. It’s real casual. Come as you want to. People love to come out here, sit around, talk, have a good time. I guess the furthest one we had was from South Africa,” said Crowell.

Not everyone thought it was going to work.

“We just decided that we’d put it right out here in the country so we could just let people come to it and a lot of people said I was crazy to do it out here and I told my wife I thought we were too until we put it in,” said Crowell.

Now, Crowell and his wife wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We’re just loving it, having a good time meeting the people and enjoying the company they bring and the people they bring.  It’s just kind of kept us young,” said Crowell.

Fish Camp
7508 County Road 2584
Royse City, TX

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