With Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood's Sanctimonious Chickens Come Home to Roost

Ronald Reagan was a former member of the Hollywood class who went on to become governor of California and president of the United States. But it was Bill Clinton and, after him, Barack Obama who brought the culture of Hollywood with them to the political stage. For the most part, Hollywood and Democrats are in lockstep with each other. For the longest time, their political pontifications were limited to the red carpet, gala events and awards shows. The social media boon gave them a way to reach more people and use it to amp up the sanctimony. Not content to be artists, a public saturation of preening, moralizing Hollywood progressives got louder. They not only showed a creepy devotion to Obama but made sure to cast aspersions on anybody who dared criticize him or refused to toe the line on leftist orthodoxy.  Continue reading...

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