Watch: Lubbock Man Who Goes by the Name ‘Goober’ Gets Trump Neck Tattoo

A Lubbock man has affirmed his devotion to Donald Trump in black ink with a tattoo of the president's last name in bold block letters across his neck.Brian Williamson, who goes by "Goober," told KAMC that he's a "die-hard Trump fan" and he got the tattoo a few weeks before Friday's inauguration because his "Trump" hoodie and hat didn't go far enough. "If I put a sign up on my truck, they're going to vandalize it," Williamson told KCBD. "If I put a sign in my yard, they're going to vandalize my house. Well, come vandalize me, that's the only thing I've got, you know. This is who I am." Williamson said a lot of people ask if he's worried about his life and that he almost got in a fight with some neighbors over his permanent sign of support for the 45th president. "It's silly how much fear his name means," Williamson said. Until he dies, Williamson said he's going to be a Trump proponent through and through. "Mark my words," he said. "He's going to be the best president we've ever had."  Continue reading...

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