Cruz, Who Still Prefers ‘total Repeal,' Gets on Board With Senate GOP's Obamacare Replacement

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz is not getting the full Obamacare repeal he's always wanted.But the conservative firebrand on Thursday nonetheless jumped on board with Senate GOP leadership's latest health care bill -- one he admitted is "not a total repeal" -- after it was revealed to include his contentious provision to allow insurers to sell slimmed-down, low-cost policies.The deal was a significant victory for the Texan, who said the changes represented a "substantial improvement" that would "significantly improve our ability to reduce premiums."And it offered the clearest signal yet of what happens when Cruz's recent emergence as a team player collides with his once unyielding policy stands. The man who pledged so many times to repeal every word of Obamacare was left to tout what he called the "best outcome possible.""I would prefer a total repeal," the Republican said, surrounded by a crush of reporters at the Capitol. "We unfortunately don't have the votes."  Continue reading...

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