Can Dallas Really Be America's Worst Voting City? Survey Says Yes

If you find yourself in Dallas today, look around. Count yourself and the next 99 adult-age people you see.Now assume that roughly 94 of these people looked at their phones, scratched their beans and let the other six choose the mayor of the nation's ninth-largest city.Those numbers obviously fluctuate depending on the part of town, although they’re not particularly inspiring anywhere. In one City Council district in the May 2015 election, turnout was less than 5 percent.In all, Dallas had the dubious distinction of producing the worst voter turnout among 50 U.S. cities in their most recent mayoral elections. "Who Votes for Mayor?" is a project of Portland State University, and perhaps it's no coincidence that Portland, Ore., topped this survey with 60 percent turnout for its last mayoral election.Forgive us our astonishment, but do residents of Portland really care 10 times more about their local governance?  Continue reading...

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