Dallas Designer Takes Bite of the Big Apple

Courtney Russell's West Village studio feels like Dallas and New York jumped a flight to Vegas and got eloped.

Russell might have been raised in New York, but the cowboy accents in his latest August Alexander line show off the balance between the Big Apple and Big D.

We slipped into one of the August Alexander trunk shows and got to experience the line first hand. Every piece of clothing Russell creates has something exceptional about it, from the tiny red cowboy rope trimming on fabulous jeans to the hand selected antique buttons on each shirt.

The line has something for both men and women, and prices run from around $95 to $3500 -- obviously high-end. Russell aspires to be a household name for fashionistas after they expand into Los Angeles, New York, Miami.

Check the shots from the line on the left or check out August Alexander on the web.

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