Catherine Zeta-Jones Makes $5,700 A Second!

If you're wondering what Catherine Zeta-Jones has been up to, apparently she's been bringing in some bank for commercials that air in China and Japan.

Zeta-Jones was paid a staggering $5,700 a second to star in a commercial for Lux shampoo. The seven-minute commercial netted Zeta-Jones a $2.5 million payday.

Unilever, the firm behind the commercial, told Britain's The Sunday Times the ad is a mini spy movie.

What the El!?! Editorial:

The seven minute commercial is on YouTube CLICK HERE.

I gotta tell you I would never make it through that commercial!

It's long and slow… and she's just not a big deal to me.

But hey if they want to spend that sort of money, good for them, and good for her getting in on it.

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