Brackets Kisses Cane Rosso Pizza Goodbye

Just after Il Cane Rosso owner Jay Jerrier was named the best pizzaiolo in Dallas by D Magazine, Brackets owner Brinda Holt Curley has made the decision to remove his authentic Neopolitan pizzas from the menu and replace them with Brackets own style of pies. The decision stems from feedback she's received via customer comment cards. "I love Jay's pizzas, I really do. Our clientele just wasn't familiar with it. They are indicating that they want a different style pizza, so we are making a change to do that," she says.

Neapolitan pies tend to be a bit messy due to the use of fresh mozzarella and a thin crust, which just wasn't working for the sports bar's customers. In its place expect to see New York-style pies with thicker, crispier crust and a wider variety of toppings. Brackets is also going to start making their own sausage instead of using Jimmy's.

Jerrier agrees it's just a matter of preference. "Neapolitan pizzas are really divisive, some people really love it and some don't," he says. "The other thing is it's really difficult to make. It's a long process that requires a lot of extra time and effort, so if it's not what people want, what's the point in making it?"

Jerrier's pizzas will be available at his first brick-and-mortar spot, which is set to open in Deep Ellum at the beginning of February. Until then, take a look at Brackets' new menu, which rolls out tomorrow. [The Feast]

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