Pacman + Strip Clubs = FAIL; Upside: Deion Sanders Thinks Jones Is Innocent

Finally, some good news for "Adam" Pacman Jones: nobody accused him of anything today. As MDS pointed out on Wednesday, the Cowboys cut Jones based on an ESPN report connected to another 2007 Pacman-related nightclub shooting.

J.J. Cooper actually wrote about thisat the time, although it's hard to keep up with all of Jones' illegalities without writing them down. Interestingly, the Cowboys released Mr. Pacman after learning of the ESPN report, despite the Atlanta Journal-Constitution originally reporting the news in June, '07. Peculiar.

Whatever, Jones says he'll sue ESPN for getting him fired, and here's to hoping he pulls a "Kaczynski" and asks to represent himself in court. The WWL says it will reveal all the details on Sunday's Outside the Lines, but they did offer this preview yesterday:

Putting aside the fact that Jones is clearly insane, the Dallas Morning News' Tim MacMahon pithily summarizes the lesson learned here: don't talk to Pacman's date.

In the court of public opinion, Jones has already been convicted, but Deion Sanders, Pacman's self-appointed mentor, isn't buying the latest news.

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One of Sanders' projects, Adam "Pacman" Jones, was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday, a month after returning from a six-game suspension stemming from a fight with a team-issued bodyguard. ...

"This kid is like a son to me," Sanders said. "I don't believe the (new) allegations. Time will tell. I hate it for the kid ... it's always something."

Well, I hate it for the kid too -- it is always something, but it's not like trouble finds Jones. He actively seeks it out. And while Sanders doesn't have to believe the new (old) allegations, Jones' history of knuckleheadedness doesn't help his case. That's not to say he's guilty, just that it's not a completely inconceivable idea, particularly given the video above.

Legal issues aside, though; Jones' NFL career is over. The Cowboys took a risk by signing him last offseason, and Pacman was ineffective when he wasn't suspended. There are plenty of warm bodies who can do what he did and somehow manage to avoid getting cuffed and stuffed.

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