Daryl Johnston Thinks Manziel-to-Dallas Might Not Be a Great Idea

Whispers about Manziel started to fly almost immediately after the season ended last week

We’d imagine a lot of folks around the NFL think Johnny Manziel coming to Dallas would be a bad idea for all parties involved, and we can count Cowboys fullback turned Fox analyst Daryl Johnston among them.

Where the Cowboys are concerned, Johnston recently told TMZ that in his estimation, the "risk far outweighs the reward with Johnny. He would be a huge distraction."

As for the apparently mixed up young quarterback, Johnston doesn’t see Manziel calming down on the extracurriculars much in Dallas, if he were to wind up here.

"If he's having trouble away from the field in Cleveland then he would really struggle in Dallas ... the spotlight is so much bigger,” Johnston said, via the Dallas Morning News.

In any case, this story isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, with Manziel’s future with Cleveland about as murky as it has ever been, and the Cowboys having just wrapped up a season that exposed some underlying quarterback problems on the roster.

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