You Can't Drive 65 on 121 in Fort Worth

Speed limit on Highway 121 lowered to 55 mph

Speeders along Highway 121 -- consider this fair warning, and take your foot off the gas.

The speed limit on a portion of the state highway in Fort Worth will soon be lowered. The stretch of road between Sylvania Avenue and Interstate 35W in Fort Worth will drop from a brisk 65 mph to a lazy 55 mph.

So far, there are no plans to drop the speed limits on other roadways.

"We're going to go back through that area and replace the 65 mph signs with 55 mph signs," said Val Lopez, a Texas Department of Transportation spokesman.

Motorists can still drive 65 mph until the speed-limit signs are changed.

TxDOT said the move is being made in conjunction with the city for safety reasons. Traffic on the affected stretch of the roadway often slows to a crawl during rush hour.

"If you have motorists traveling slower than the speed posted, you're going to have people trying to hit that speed limit. And the different speed makes the road that much more unsafe," Lopez said.

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