Woman Offers Up Twins for $12

Posting asks for family to help mother

Law enforcement and adoption agencies are hoping to find the person who posted an ad earlier this week pleading for someone to adopt her twin children.

The ad was first published on WiseCounty.com in the free classified ad section.  The ad lists a price tag of $12 and was first posted on May 15.  It reads:

"Please, I need someone with best intentions to adopt/give my babies a good family, home/lifestyle. The babies are in excellent health conditions with good weights, encouraging medical reports and are very playful. I'm healthy except of being physically disabled, a Christian by faith, not a smoker and hates alcohol. I gave birth to this twin at the appropriate time given at the hospital. Sincerely, I love the babies extremely much; the decision to give them up hasn't been that easy but its necessary, my intentions are base on get the babies nothing order than a very lovely home and family that I trust to be very determination to welcome, raise them with much love/ great concerned for their welfare, future etc that will be best for the babies. Please, I will be extremely happy to blessed any good person or couples with my babies only if he/or she stand with good intentions of offering the babies with best. I'm hopefully looking forward to read from you."

The person who posted the ad included photos of two children. The advertiser said the children, a boy and a girl, are 11 months old.

Jennifer Lanter, a spokesperson for the Gladney Adoption Center in Fort Worth told NBCDFW.COM that many times ads like these are schemes where eager adoptive parents are bilked for cash and left with nothing. Lanter also said it is against the law for birthmothers to advertise for adoptive parents and that only a licensed child adoption agency can advertise.

Attempts by NBC DFW to reach the woman who posted the ad were unsuccessful.

Whatever the reason behind the post, adoption professionals and the Wise County Sheriff's Department just want to insure the woman and young children pictured in the ad get some help.

"Oviously for her to place and ad like that, with her two beautiful children, that she is acting out of desperation," said Vickye Schultz, with the Gladney Adoption Center. "We want to open our arms to her.  If she wants to contact us, we'll go to where she is in the community."

The ad has since been removed from the WiseCounty.com classified ad section.

NBCDFW's Grant Stinchfield and Frank Heinz contributed to this report. 

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