Super Bowl: Who's Got Tickets?

As anticipation builds for Sunday's Super Bowl, so does anxiety for fans trying to get their hands on tickets.   

Unlike last year's game in New Jersey, this year's contest in Phoenix has demand outstripping supply. 

"This is the most expensive event we've ever tracked," says TiqIQ's Jesse Lawrence.

Lawrence says says Super Bowl tickets are averaging $8,000 each, more than three times higher than last year.

The NFL family, its corporate sponsors and media members use up most Super Bowl tickets in any given year, but for the ones left this time around, ticket brokers
underestimated how the location and match-up would fuel demand.

"The inventory levels are at historic lows, there's less than a thousand tickets available right now, compared to normally at this point at the Super Bowl, we'd see $3,000-4,000," Lawrence says.

Most years, prices tend to drop for Super Bowl tickets the day before the game, but experts are not expecting a huge fall off this year. 

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