North Texas

Summer Heat Causing Tire Danger on North Texas Roads

Drivers are dodging more tires and tire parts scattered by the side of North Texas roads and highways as the summer heat rolls on.

Damaged or under-inflated tires can become dangerous, especially in extreme August heat, and fly right off the wheel.

"As a tire loses air pressure, heat builds up, and rubber and heat don’t get along real well," said Perry Leonard, president of Blagg Tire & Service in Grapevine.

"Just like you, you don't like it 100 [degrees]. You like it about 75," said Leonard. "Your car is the same way, and your tire is the same way."

Several tires were scattered along major highways Tuesday in Grapevine, and there were parts of many more.

Even a tow truck driver lost a tire while on his way to help others who lost theirs.

"I seen it pass me about my blowout, and I said, 'Oh! The tire came off,'" said Orenton Jacquet, with Texas Transport & Towing.

"I've been putting a few miles on the truck. I guess when the heat gets so hot, the tire just busts," said Jacquet. "Kind of hot of here. I've got about 16 more calls for tire blowouts."

Leonard advises regularly checking the pressure in your own tires and keeping them properly inflated.

Grapevine police warn drivers to pay attention and watch for debris in the road.

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