Powerball Players Hope Luck Strikes Twice in Small Texas Town

For several drivers, Bells, Texas, in Grayson County is simply a quick stop on Highway 69.

But during the past few weeks, the Lone Star Food store has been swamped with customers – not for gas, but those hoping to win the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot.

The store sold the first winning Powerball ticket in Texas back in 2013 for $40 million.

Now, employees said people are traveling hundreds of miles hoping luck can strike twice.

"I had one guy come in from Houston. I had one guy come in all the way from Louisiana just because this store won one," said employee David Barnett.

"Never know! Maybe two times lucky, who knows?" said customer Gerald Blount, who lives nearby.

Cassandra Weaver said she lives in Oklahoma but drove down to Bells to visit her folks and to buy a Powerball ticket.

"I just through maybe I'd get the winning ticket here. It'd be great," Weaver said.

Lone Star Food president Bill Martin said lottery ticket sales are through the roof at the Bells store.

"It's just unbelievable amounts," Martin said. "We've increased 1,600 percent."

Simply, come Wednesday most believe someone has to win, so why not in Bells, again?

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