No Mechanical Issues for Fire Truck That Slammed Into Dairy Queen

The man behind the wheel of a fire truck that slammed into a Dairy Queen last week tells Farmersville's police chief he was choking at the time of the crash.

Farmersville Police Chief Michael P. Sullivan said Friday afternoon that the driver told him he was eating and drinking coffee, took a sip of the coffee, started choking and became lightheaded then crashed into the restaurant.

In a news release earlier Friday, Sullivan said the driver was distracted and lost control of the fire engine.

Fire Truck Crashes Into Farmersville Dairy Queen

Two people were injured Jan. 20 when Greenville Fire-Rescue Unit 4 slammed into the restaurant in the 200 block of Highway 380 East in Farmersville.

Farmersville police said Wednesday there were no mechanical issues that attributed to the crash of a fire truck into a Dairy Queen last week.

A fire truck crashes into a Dairy Queen in Farmersville, Texas, Jan. 20, 2016.

The truck had just been serviced by Siddons-Martin Emergency Group in Denton, and the company was returning the vehicle to the fire station when the crash occurred. The truck was not being driven by a firefighter at the time of the crash.

Representatives from the City of Greenville, Dairy Queen and Siddons-Martin met and evaluated the mechanical operation of the fire engine and found no mechanical issues that could have attributed to the accident.

The black box data was also reviewed and shows no specific malfunctions, according to Farmersville police.

Missing Attachment An employee at the Dairy Queen in Farmersville spoke to NBC 5 as she recovers from injuries sustained when a fire truck slammed into the restaurant.

The truck crashed into an outdoor patio and through a portion of the restaurant, collapsing part of the front wall, before coming to a stop on the other side of the restaurant.

The driver of the truck and a restaurant employee were hospitalized with injuries that were not life threatening.

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