Mark Cuban Reacts to Texas AG Opinion on Fantasy Sports

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is known for being outspoken, and he had plenty to say Wednesday about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's opinion that a court would likely find daily fantasy sports illegal under Texas law.

Cuban was the keynote speaker at the Fantasy Sports Trade Association in Dallas.

"It was an opinion compared to a lawsuit, and there is a big difference," said Cuban.

Cuban does not agree with the attorney general's opinion, adding he does not think daily fantasy sports is gambling.

But with the opinion out there, Cuban does anticipate some changes.

"What I think is there is going to be some regulation. Whether it is Texas, Illinois, New York, there is going to be some regulation. That's not fun but it will make your life easier," said Cuban.

Cuban is an investor in a fantasy analytics company called Fantasy Labs and is quick to remind everyone that they can step up and get involved by talking with lobbyists and lawmakers about legislation.

"The beautiful thing is fantasy sports users have a voice," he added.

It is a voice that Peter Schoenke, chairman of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, will use.

"We would love to meet with legislators, hear their thoughts and concerns, go over some legislation that would clarify that it is legal in Texas and address consumer protection issues, for sure," said Schoenke

They have a year to do so. The state legislature does not meet until 2017.

Meanwhile, Schoenke said they plan to continue to do business in Texas.

This is not the first state where questions about fantasy sports have come up. They came up in New York, too. That is where Brandon Marianne Lee, co-founder Her Fantasy Football, lives.

She said her company is still up and running.

"We have so many other issues in this country and abroad and what have you. It seems ridiculous fantasy sports is taking such a headlines position," said Lee.

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