Johnny Manziel Appears in Court in Dallas

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel appeared in court in Dallas Tuesday morning after missing a court-ordered deadline.

A Dallas County Judge Roberto Canas ordered Manziel to appear at the Frank Crowley Courts Building at 9 a.m. because he was concerned that "progress was not being adequatley made" on terms of a dismissal agreement in a domestic violence case against Manziel.

Manziel's former girlfriend Colleen Crowley said she and Manziel had a confrontation at a Dallas hotel Jan. 29, 2016, that continued to the valet stand where she was forced into a car while pleading for help. When she later tried to jump out of the car, she said Manziel hit her.

The Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M agreed to a deal last November that would dismiss the charges if he sought counseling and treatment within a year.

“Not everybody who comes through here gets this kind of opportunity,” Canas told Manziel. “Right now, you’re in charge of what happens to your case. Mr. Manziel gets to decide whether this case gets dismissed or not.”

Manziel and his team have since submitted proof that he is making progress on his requirements. He told Canas that he is taking this opportunity seriously.

“I don’t even want to let this get anywhere near the rabbit hole that you’re describing,” said Manziel. “This situation is in my hands. My life is trending upward in my eyes and I’m taking this responsibility. Dealing with this policy with the NFL, dealing with what the court has asked me to do, this is helping me get my life back together.”

At the end of the hearing, Canas told Manziel he believes they’re now “on the same page” and warned him that he “does not want to have another hearing like this.”

“My hope is that the next time you’re in court is when we’re able to sign the dismissal papers,” Canas said.

Since the indictment, the former first-round NFL Draft pick lost a number of endorsement deals and was cut by the Cleveland Browns. He remains unsigned.

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