North Texas

Frisco Using Technology to Reduce Response Times

Real-time data is helping Frisco police officers and paramedics respond to emergency calls at a faster rate.

“In the past few months, for high priority calls, we’ve see response times decrease as much as one minute,” said Deputy Chief of Operations David Shilson of the Frisco Police Department.

After receiving a $330,000 grant from the North Texas Council of Governments Frisco Police, Fire, IT, and Engineering Services departments worked to integrate a new technology system called “Closest To.”

The new technology is utilized by the emergency dispatch system to automatically choose the best, “closest” resource available for high priority incidents.

“High priority calls are in the category of a gunshot, a stabbing, maybe an aggravated assault. We want to get the closest units to those incidents quick. Anytime we have something in place to respond to citizens in need and deliver that service it’s a win for all of us,” said Deputy Chief Shilson.

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