Frisco HOA Warns of Mail Theft

Residents in Griffin Parc are concerned about stolen letters

A Frisco neighborhood is warning its residents about thieves looking for a quick payday from mailboxes in Griffiin Parc.

A note on the HOA website posted Monday said the area, which is off Eldorado Parkway near the Dallas North Tollway, has seen an increase in outgoing mail being stolen out of residential mailboxes.

According to the letter, the most recent incident happened in late May, with a check being stolen, washed – or forged – and cashed at a business in The Colony.

Neighbors said the idea of the crime is unsettling.

"If you still actively use checks, it's a little frightening that those checks are getting stolen out of your mailbox," said Noah Weiss.

"We get bills and so you have to write a check. Sometimes I write down my credit card number, so that’s scary," added Janie Wang.

Frisco Police said they are aware of some incidents in the area, but add there has not been a major spike in that type of crime throughout the city.

Officers recommend keeping an eye out for when your mail is delivered, or, if that's not possible due to a work schedule, use a network of neighbors.

They added that there are mailbox products for sale that come with locks.

Wang's family already uses a key-lock mailbox, but, she adds, she may soon be taking measures into her own hands when paying bills.

"I think I'll have to go to the post office," Wang said.

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