Dallas Police Investigating 3 Murders in 36 Hours

Dallas homicide detectives are working to solve three murders that all happened within 36 hours of each other.

Police admit it's rare to have three murders like this so close together without an arrest yet, but say they're working hard on each investigation.

The first happened Sunday morning at about 9:30 a.m. when 66-year-old Charles McBride was discovered in a ditch on Kolloch Drive. Police say he had been shot to death, and his white Cadillac CTS was missing. That vehicle has Texas license plate DSW-7269.

“The only thing we know at this point is that Mr. McBride had been out celebrating his birthday,” said Dallas Police Major Max Geron. “So, we’re following up on that.”

That night, police found 44-year-old Reginald Chambers in his car at the intersection of Hampton Road and Kirnwood Drive. He, too, was shot to death.

And then Monday morning, police found a man who'd been shot on the street along Ridgedorf Drive.

The man later died at the hospital but hasn't been identified yet.

For all three murders, no persons-of-interest have been identified.

“It's a bit unusual to have this number of offenses come in where we have very little information and at least one of them didn't result in a very quick arrest,” Geron said.

Officers say it doesn't appear any of the victims were robbed, and the motive is unknown.

Police also say there's no evidence any of the three murders are connected.

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