Doctor's Surgery on Childhood Friend Leaves Man a Quadraplegic

Jerry Summers woke up after his childhood friend performed spinal surgery on him and couldn't move his legs or arm. He could only turn his head.Now, that friend, Christopher Duntch is on trial in a Dallas courtroom after he was arrested after several patients were seriously injured during surgery and two died. He was charged with five counts of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and one count of injury to a child, elderly or disabled person."I don't remember feeling any pain," Summers testified in a video played Monday for jurors. "I just couldn't move."And Summers still can't move. He demonstrated how he can shrug his shoulders. But he can't move his legs or arms. Doing simple tasks he once took for granted are now impossible. As he spoke, a woman dressed in blue scrubs once wiped his nose and mouth with a white tissue.  Continue reading...

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