Dallas-based Genetics Software Tool CancerGene Connect Bought in $6 Million Deal

Dallas-based healthcare software company Ommdom has been bought by a San Francisco-based genetics information company in a $6 million all-stock deal.California-based Invitae announced the deal Monday in a news release. The fast-growing genetics information company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NVTA.Both companies have been contacted for comment.Ommdom's primary product is CancerGene Connect, a software tool for clinicians to collect and manage patients' genetic family histories. It began in the late 1990s at UT Southwestern Medical Center as a tool that helped physicians run risk assessments for patients. Ommdom's CEO Richard Burghardt secured an exclusive license with UT Southwestern Medical Center and spun it into its own company. Invitae's CEO Sean George said in a news release that CancerGene Connect "is unmatched for ease of use and depth of analysis, and has strong endorsement from clinicians who use it." He said it adds to Invitae's suite of genetics-related tools.  Continue reading...

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