Ames Meyer

Ames Meyer is an Emmy award-winning airborne photojournalist and on-air reporter bringing the news to the Dallas-Fort Worth area from Texas Sky Ranger. Prior to joining NBC 5 in January, 2012, Ames' career has taken her through Fort Wayne, Louisville, and Tampa before arriving in Dallas.

Ames loves to fly and shoot the news. This combined experience over the past two decades has prepared her for this current "dream job" as a photojournalist at NBC 5. Based out of the Garland-DFW Heliport with SKY Helicopters, Chopper 5 and Ames give viewers a one-of-a-kind perspective of many breaking news stories

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Ames received, among other honors, an Edward R. Murrow Award. It is a national award for outstanding achievement in electronic journalism. She is the proud recipient of this prestigious award for her coverage of the "Disaster on I-4" while working in Tampa.

Among the major stories that Ames has covered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the amazing footage shown around the world when the ice and snow slid off the roof of Cowboys Stadium just days before Super Bowl XLV. Other memorable video includes her unique coverage of the Possum Kingdom wildfires that raged the summer of 2011 and the North Texas tornadoes in April of 2012.

Ames loves all sports, but heartily cheers for her home state Indiana Hoosiers basketball team. She enjoys playing soccer with the NTWSA and finds time for racing her own Jet Ski on most summer weekends. At home, Ames spends time with her unique cat Pepper.

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