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Rashes Might Be New COVID-19 Symptom

Doctors are seeing a variety of COVID-19 related rashes, including one dubbed COVID-toes in children

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Doctors are seeing a variety of COVID-19 related rashes, including one dubbed ‘COVID-toes’ in children.

There are still so many mysteries surrounding the new coronavirus and now there's a new symptom that seems to be affecting younger patients, including children.

Painful skin rashes are emerging as a possible COVID-19 symptom.

Some appear before any other symptom. Others appear weeks after recovery, according to Grapevine dermatologist Dr. Sanober Amin.

She says the first reports of rashes in COVID-19 patients emerged out of Italy.

She did her research and created a chart of COVID-19-reported skin conditions, ranging from hives to chicken pox-like rashes to a condition resembling frostbite.

Of note is what has been dubbed "COVID toes," which appear to affect mainly children, but can affect older patients.

"It looks like the blood vessels are getting clotted so patients are presenting with painful bumps on their toes. A lot of these patients are younger population and most of them didn't have any COVID symptoms or had mild symptoms to begin with," said Amin.

Her graphic has been distributed around the world as a go-to guide while more research is done.

The American Academy of Dermatolgy has launched a registry where doctors can report bizarre skin conditions related to COVID-19.

"We are all paying attention. A lot of dermatologists across the world are reporting the rashes and hopefully the Academy will put out some guidance on how to handle patients with COVID infection and COVID toes."

Amin recommends that patients keep a symptom diary, photograph rashes and contact a doctor if symptoms worsen.

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