How Secrets of the Old Denton County Klan Were Discovered by Four UNT History Students

"One thing leads to another," sings rock band The Fixx.That's what happened when four history students at University of North Texas launched what began as a feel-good school project.They started researching stories of African-Americans buried in what Denton County folks call the "Old Slave Cemetery" near Pilot Point.After months of digging - through sparse records, not dirt - their research took them into a dark and evil corner of Denton County history.One thing leads to another. They ultimately began investigating the possibility that Denton County's top leaders in the early 1900s were members or strong sympathizers of Klavern No. 136, Denton's branch of the Ku Klux Klan, a killing cadre of clowns.Sometimes it takes a full century for watchdogs to emerge.  Continue reading...

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