Woman Credits Granddaughter for Saving Her Life During Tornado

Wilma Morris says her granddaughter shielded her from falling debris

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Wednesday afternoon crews worked to clean up the debris left behind by Tuesday night's storm.

The National Weather Service said that preliminary information shows that an EF-2 tornado with speeds around 115 mph caused damage at several businesses, homes and apartments.

Waterdance Apartments, Located at 400 E Pioneer Parkway in Arlington, saw a lot of damage.

The tornado peeled off the roof of a couple buildings.

 "She ran from the bedroom and threw herself on me and covered me up," said Wilma Morris about her 17-year-old granddaughter who jumped into action when the storm hit.

Buildings in three apartment communities in East Arlington were damaged Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020, when an EF2 tornado touched down. NBC 5’s Sophia Beausoleil has the story.

Wilma, who has diabetes, said she wouldn't have been able to move fast enough and is grateful to Michelle, her granddaughter.

"She saved me. The fan hit her in the back, the ceiling fell down, but if she hadn't came from her room, we wouldn't have her here today, because the inside wall is gone, the ceiling is gone," described Wilma.

She said Michelle helped push their way out of the debris and firefighters also helped rescue them.

Several buildings over, the roof and the AC units landed on top of several cars.

"Right when I opened the door it pushed me back and like everything was coming like the wind, I closed it real quick and went to the restroom," described Jose who was attempting to go to his truck and roll up the windows.

When he looked out, he saw his truck had minor damage, compared to the ones next to his.

"It's better that it looks like that than the others, so I guess I feel grateful I guess," he said.

According to city officials, about 75 families were displaced due to the tornado, but fortunately, there were not any major injuries.

Morris said 2020 has been a tough year already since she's lost some friends to COVID-19, but she's keeping her spirits up and this Thanksgiving is grateful she and her granddaughter are alive.

"I had thanksgiving dinner because I was taking it with me, I already cooked it, but the birds will eat good," joked Morris.

The apartment complex said it's housing residents at sister properties. The Red Cross is also helping families in need.

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