Why Is It So Foggy Every Morning?

Fog has impacted the morning drive the past two days and will do so again Wednesday

UGC Dallas Fog
Clyde Bluitt
Lakeside Fog 2
Michelle Miner

The past two mornings, fog has disrupted the morning drive and fog is foretasted to develop once again Tuesday night.

Why does this keep happening? The type of fog we are experiencing is called ‘advection fog’. It develops when air that is warmer and more humid than the ground, moves over the ground.

The air gets cooled as it moves horizontally from the south over North Texas. As the air cools, the temperature drops closer to the dew point.

When the temperature and the dew point match, the relative humidity is 100% and fog can form.

Fog is a collection of water droplets suspended in the air at the surface of the earth. Fog is considered dense/hazardous when the visibility drops to one-quarter of a mile or less.

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