Wet Weather Saving Lawn Mower Businesses

Haltom City shop has six-week backlog for repairs


The recent rain is giving lawn mower businesses a much-needed financial watering.

"We're happy that we have the business. I mean we're not fussing about it at all," said Shirley Byrd, of Modern Sales and Service in Haltom City.

Memories of last year's drought still cut deep at the shop.

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"All lawn mower shops had it real bad," said Byrd, who has helped run Modern Sales and Service for 40 years.

She said she had never seen a worse drought than last year. In July customers only had to wait a week or less for their lawn mower to be repaired.

"This year, we are five, six weeks on repairs," Bryd said.

While nothing can make up for the money lost last year, having a backlog of repairs this year will put the shop financially ahead.

Jeff Kennedy, who fixes the lawn mowers, said he is pleased to see his to-do list get longer because it propels the company forward.

"I've been looking forward for this day for a while," he said.

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