Web Site Helps People Cope With Weather Triggers

Localized weather warnings that affect health

While most people log onto NBCDFW.com for the forecast, some people need more specific types of weather information to protect their health.

Events like a sudden drop in barometric pressure triggers migraines, changes in humidity trigger arthritis, the wind may affect heart disease, and thunderstorms are linked to asthma attacks.

People like Laurie Weil say storm clouds give her horrible migraines. So she signed up for free alerts from MediClim so she can be alerted before the weather hits. "I can go extra heavy on the meds or extra heavy on the ibuprofen, or make sure my ice pack's at work," said Weil.

One of the company founders, Canadian doctor John Bart, says technology now allows them to alert tens of thousands of people every month. He says they can also warn people with arthritis, asthma, diabetes heart disease and heart disease.

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"With the predictions people can then go to their other triggers and take maneuvers to avoid falling prey to the disease from which they suffer," said Bart.

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