TxDOT Already Preparing Ahead of Possible Winter Weather

TxDOT will change attack mode if conditions change to snow

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For some this winter weather is perfect.

"I enjoy the cold, so I don't think anything of it," driver Emily Sones said.

But for people having to drive in predicted snow this weekend it is a worry.

"I'm just as concerned about how people drive in those road conditions," driver Jim McIntyre said.

That's why the Texas Department of Transportation has crews already hard at work.

"Right now we have crews working around the clock," TxDOT Dallas District Public Information Officer Danielle Boyd said.

That means road crews are working 12 hour shifts.

What you'll see happening right now are 184 trucks in the Dallas region putting down a brine solution ahead of possible ice.

“Right now, they are continuing to pretreat the roads and monitor any icy areas as needed especially the bridges and overpasses," Boyd said.

That pretreatment is a salt and water mixture.

It's used before any precipitation to prevent ice from bonding onto the roadways.

But if the weather changes to snow TxDOT will change its attack mode.

"If snow does begin to fall throughout the weekend in our forecast you will see the snowplows and motor graders come out and clear the roadways," Boyd said.

Boyd said the Dallas region has 24 plows ready to roll.

Many drivers already know the driving advice.

"Drive below the speed limit,” Sones said. “Keep a nice distance between you and the car in front of you and behind you."

But this driver has the best advice. "Gosh if you don't have to get out in this stuff don't," McIntyre said.

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